In need of a pause

Its exam season. 3 weeks of exam. And i would say, I cant breath. Since last week... life has been moving at fast pace. One task to another. Sometimes 2 to 3 task in a moment. I just couldnt find time for myself. Not anymore.

With the volunteering work we did on weekend... i feel like i have not getting any break at all. School tires me a lot. During the 5-7pm class, i can feel myself having the dizziness and about to fall. By the time im getting home, its already dark. And i seem to not have done anything useful as i feel tired and overwhelmed.  

I didnt cook for so long. I didnt care if i ate dinner or not. All i know is.. i want to sleep and refresh myself. But it does not seems like the case. When i wake up in the morning, i dont feel refresh or anything. But i feel rushed. To prepare to school. Completing assignments and studies i didnt do because of yesterday's tiredness. 

I did try to wake up early. At 5am. Since i sleep early, i thought its going to be okay. But...... the thing is.. when i wake up early, i feel super duper tired at clinic.ive always tired. 

I dont know how to pause or restart. I wish to pause n restart. I want to breathe. I dont want to feel like im being chased or anything. I cannot run. I no longer can. 

Pls help. 


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