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Rabu, 28 Jun 2017
Home- Day 6 and 7

Hiii. I supposed to be in the plane to Bangalore right now. But....... well I chose to extend. So i have about 11 days more in Malaysia.  Heee so blessed. Day 6 and 7 is very dull.

I spent day 6 by sleeping all day. Not studying or anything. Just plain unproductive day. 

Day 7 which is today is just an okay day lol. I went out with Irfan to buy gift for Ibu bday! The aim today is to finish physiology and start with anatomy. Hm but everything seems to lag. But its alright. Am motivated to be productive tonight!! 😌

Lets see how it turns out to be. Will update soon!
Isnin, 26 Jun 2017
Eid Mubarak (Home Day 4 and 5)

Assalammualaikum. (=

malas nak menaip. i'm currently so grumpy because...maynn, tonight so panas. T_T stressss.
this entry will contain so many pictures- unedited cause i'm lazy af.

so yeah. here u go:

ok jap a lil throwback to Raya 2016. time ni nenek larat lagi tuk sama join bergambar :')

aite byee

Much Love,

 Ain Nadzri
Ahad, 25 Jun 2017
Home- Day 3

Today is full of surprises. I wake up feeling energize and ready to kill the day. Watch PDL vids on youtube, share exam links/notes, print exam schedule, ticked one by one things on my to-do-list.  Read 40% of PDL chapter and had a break by watching one episode of running man. 

On the evening, am soOoo ready to feel the malam raya vibe at rumah nenek. Ive decided to record the occasion and make a vid abt it. Well, just in case if i dont have the chance to raya at malaysia next year :') then while i was enjoying the wonderful moment, i was surprised by the fact that FINAL EXAM IS POSTPONED. It is 2 weeks late than what has been told. 

So........ yeah. It is the main reason why i cant sleep right now- 3 a.m in the morning and still thinking the decision i should make. To extend or just go back to blr on 28th, like the original plan. Ibu and ayah told me to stay a lil longer tho. I.... just, dont know. After thinking, and brainstorming...

I think i'm gonna extend.

P/s: Sorry doh ☹ am so gonna miss you.. but we gotta do, what we gotta do. 

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