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Sabtu, 8 September 2018
The mistakes I made in 1st year of Dental School

Hi everyone. As you guys know, I'm currently in the midst of final exam. I got 4 practical left, and thats it, I'm done with first year yayyy💐 haha to freaking 4 years more.

So as the year comes to its end, I realize a lot of thing that I wish I knew earlier (in simple term: regret) here i'm talking about my study routine specifically. To not do the same silly mistakes again, I will list out what I think I should do sooner;

1. Do final past year questions paper. Soooner!

The final, and exam questions are mostly from past papers. So help yourself. Get it at the library. Prepare the question in a specific book so that when the final come, you just can simply grab that book and see the faq and how to answer it. It will be really helpful if you start during the 1st term itself. Now that you cramming and doing all that questions 20 days before exam, its not as efficient.

Do 2 marks! A lot of it. It contributes easy 40 marks in your theory paper.

2. Take note in a thick notebook. Always.

Take note. For every class. It will be helpful. Make it fancy and interesting for you to revise back. At the end of the year, you will be so grateful that you wrote something during the lecture. The things you once understand. And remember, the lecture's outline is exactly what to be expected on your answer script.

Oh and buy thick notebook for each subject or else you might have 3 notebook for a subject💆 and you wouldnt want that.

2. Do answer scheme

Yes dear self. For you specifically, your brain love answer scheme soooOoooo much. So do it yourself. Make an easy diagram, colour it and everything. Make it simple and to the point. Make it just how like how wanna write on real day of the exam. So on the night of exam, you can just flip through the pages of this book and feel relax. 

Because you know what to answer and all. Okay?

4. Flash card.

This is holy grail! Hahahaha yeass girl. Cut that a4 paper and write on em. Test yourself that way. I find it is easier to memorize from flash card than from book. Maybe because the information is simple and accurate on that specific page. Your mind do not get distracted by other information and so on. I practice this starting from 3rd term and fuhh it works wonder. And i wish i would start earlier.

5. Sticky note? Unstick the note!

Yeappp. Write all that things you always forgot on sticky note and stick it on the wall. Or at the dining table. And before the exam, READ IT. Omg this is so important haha. I make lots of sticky note but stupidly not revise them back before the exam. This is with the thought that, "i knew about it already." HAHA you deym wrong girl. 

What would happen if you not read it back? Here, spoiler alert! ;During the exam, you will feel like smashing your head on the table/ exam pad because the information is there. Freeze inside your brain. You know you knew it but you cant let it out. Then you will feel like crying and regretting your poor decision of not reading that fking sticky note.

So help yourself peeps! unstick the sticky note, bind it with paperclips everytime before the exam. Read one by one before you unstick it. Save it in a file. Do another sticky notes for the wall later. With brand NEW information. 

6. Fake it. Even if you dont feel like it

Yes. Pretend, you drama queen. Pretend that you can study even if you cant. Try to move or stand or even walking during reading if that makes you feel less sleepy / condensed with information. Next, pretend the subject is interesting. Dont make it as your enemy. Never hate the lecturers even sometimes they can be a little *cough* offensive.

Because it does not give you any benefit you know. When you start to dislike the subject, you will find ways & excuses to not study the subject or much worst; to skip the class.

Please dont. 


You will lose so much including the attendance which is important to sit for final exam. And if you didnt study this particular subject enough, you will be so miserable because you will have tons to cover. And when you do that, you will see that the subject is not as bad as you thought. 

So please, try to do it. Turn that hate into love. Try to master it because you, you are smart and definitely can tackle it. You just need to be more patient and find something interesting in it. Look on the bright side. 


So thats all the tip I remember so far. Will update more in the future. 

Do pray for my final result.  

Ain Nadzri
Selasa, 4 September 2018
Breaking down

Have been off meds for 5 days now. Idk what I'm feeling now.

Sad? For no particular reason?

This feeling is so familiar and I'm scared. So scared. Scared and sad, what can beat that?

Tomorrow is molecular medicine theory paper. Its 2 pm and i have about 20 hours left? 

I hope this feeling will fade soon. 

I cant bear to feel like this for the whole day.


Sabtu, 1 September 2018
Post Anatomy Paper

Akhirnya guys. I'm done with first paper. After 2 years of studying anatomy, harap tak perlu ambil subject ni lagi.

Btw, soalan harini senang. Im gonna write all my feelings here.

Soalan, senang gila. Semua benda yang pernah buat. But still im losing mark kat benda2 yang careless.

Content middle ear aku pi cakap medial wall of middle ear. Padahal benda tu senang gila kot. 😭 pastu tonsillar artery. Dah terdetik asc pharyngeal palatine artery tu semua. Sebab pernah buat before this.

Tapi ikutkan jugak bodoh tu. Pi ikut parotid punya artery.. superior inferior tonsillar artery apa bendaaaa.

Weber syndrome. Dah baca. Tapi tak baca betul2. Kalau baca betul2 confirm 2 markah kat tangan

Boundries of 3rd ventricle. Tula, pagi exam tido cam orang gila.
Kalau tak tido pagi tadi, tak acah2 nak nap kan dah dapat revise balik semua benda yang dah study.

Allahu Ain. Ni namanya suka sia sia kan usaha sendiri.

I wrote this for you for dear self to read and remember your stupidity. So you can do better during practical. 


Distinction or not, its wholely up to you.

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