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Selasa, 21 Ogos 2018
11 days

Yessss the title says it all. Only 11 days left to final guys. I feel sick. 

Tomorrow is the last practical model exam for me. Its oral biology subject. I have lots to read. With slide and teeth to be remembered.

I hope tomorrow gonna be smooth af. I need to cover back my stupidity during 2nd term lol.😅 

Its now 11.04pm. And its gonna be a loooong night guys.

Wish me luck!

Sabtu, 18 Ogos 2018
Burning Out

Tomorrow is Anatomy practical day. Its 10.30 pm and I'm burning out! Daymnn.

I need to escape this feeling. This fear. 😭⏳⌛ i wanna do the best. But, will I?

In shaa Allah. Bi iznillah
Rabu, 15 Ogos 2018
Day 17

Hey peeps.

Its 2 am in the morning. I just start study at 10pm till 11. Then play till 1.30am. And continue studying now.

Tonight i'm reading the triangles of neck. My weakness since oxford day. Triangles are not that hard actually. It just when you dont know how to draw, where it is located; u r screwed. 

Ive been off instagram for 3 weeks long now? Wow huhu thats amazing. So far i'm feeling okay. Less distraction to deal with.

Other than this anatomy, i need to do my molecular medicine slide which need to be submitted on thursday. 

I'm gonna try to stay up. Make myself up by listening to radio or something. Taking a 5 mins nap on my table. I hope I'm motivated enough to do this.

I need to.

This is my last-ditch stand and i'm gonna slay the final hopefully.


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