Be You

(This post has been in my draft for quite some time. So here you go-)

Assalamualaikum. I'm currently writing at the doorstep of a palace. Uiyo cam gempak en. Hahaha hakikatnya mengadap stomach cramp dan backpain. 

So back to the main point. If there is one piece of advice i could give to you guys, it will be; be yourself. Cause darling, you are enough. 

Your imperfection is perfect. Your smile, your thoughts, they are completely fine. Your feelings are valid and no one should tell you otherwise. 

Dont force yourself to be what you are not. Dont lose yourself in order to satisfy others. Dont suffocate yourself try to live upto people expectation. 

Its okay if you had done something wrong in the past. Forgive yourself and let it go. Dont make it harder by clinging to that bad memories.

Some people will love you and all your flaws. They will love you as a whole and you dont have to worry. 

Believe me.


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