singkatan yg sering dgunakan

salam...kte selalu jumpe, perkataan² singkatan yg pelik kt internet nie kan.. so, Aind nak kongsi sikit maksud² singkatan nie... jom checkit out!


  • 10q
    Thank you
  • 10x
  • 1337
    From the word Leet, derived from the word elite
  • 2
    Too, or to
  • 2L8
    Too late
  • 2U2
    To you too
  • <3
    Love (a sideways heart)
  • 4
  • 404
    I haven't a clue; from the code for the common "Not Found" HTTP error message
  • 4GM
    Forgive me
  • ?4U
    Question for you


    As a matter of fact
  • ADN
    Any day now
    As far as I can recall / remember / see / tell
    As far as I know
  • AFK
    Away from keyboard
  • AKA
    Also known as
  • AITR
    Adult in the room
  • AIUI
    As I understand it
    And Now For Something Completely Different. Used to change the subject of conversation
  • ASAP
    As soon as possible
  • ASL or A/S/L
    Age / sex / location
    At The End of the Day
  • ATM
    At the moment
  • ATYS
    Anything you say
  • AWA
    As well as
  • AWOL
    Absent Without (Official) Leave
  • AYBABTU (also abbreviated as AYB)
    All your base are belong to us (from the video game Zero Wing)


  • borked
    Thoroughly broken
  • Bai
  • B2B
    Business to Business
  • BB
    Bye bye
    Be back in a bit
    Be back in a few / flash
  • BBL/S
    Be back later / shortly / soon
  • BCNU
    Be seein' you
  • BF
    Boy friend
  • BFF
    Best friends forever
  • BFFL
    Best friends for life
  • BFN
    Bye for now
  • BFFN
    Best Friend For Now
  • Blog
    Also known as web log or an online journal
  • BOF
    Beginning of file
  • BOFH
    Bastard operator from hell
    Bend Over Here It Comes Again
  • Bot
    Any type of automated software in chatrooms and web-cataloging software
  • Br/BR
    Best regards
  • BRB
    Be right back
  • BRT
    Be right there
  • BS
    Backstab / Bullshit
  • BSOD
    Blue Screen of Death
  • BTDT
    Been there done that
    Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and wore it out
  • BTW
    By the way
  • Bump
    Increment (For example, C++'s operator.) or a backronym for "Bring Up My Post"
  • BW or B/W
    Between or black-and-white.


  • CD9
    Code 9
    Parents nearby
  • CBA
    Can't Be Arsed. A term to indicate or dictate laziness.
  • chown
    Change owner. (used in Unix systems)
    Correct me if I'm wrong
  • Crawl
    To retrieve a web page along with the hyperlinks that reference it
  • Crapplet
    A poorly written computer application
  • CTN
    Can't Talk Now
  • CU
    See you (later)
  • CUNTSee you next time
  • CYA
    See ya OR Cover Your Ass
  • Cyber (prefix)
    A term used to connect the subsequent word loosely to the world of computers or the Internet or sex over a computer
  • Cyberspace
    Virtual reality, the Internet, the World Wide Web, and other kinds of computer systems. Science fiction author William Gibson popularized the term in his novel Neuromancer. Gibson used the word to describe a virtual world of computer networks that his cyberpunk heroes 'jacked into'


  • DDG
    Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • DFTT
    Don't feed the trolls
  • DGAF
    Don't Give A Fuck
  • DIAF
    Die in a fire
  • DIRL
    Die in real life
    Does it look like I give a flip / fuck / damn / shit
  • DL
  • DND
    Do not disturb
  • DOA
    Dead on arrival. Refers to hardware that has never worked.
  • DW
    Don't Worry.


  • EOF
    End Of File
  • EOM
    End of Message
  • EOL
    End of Life. Device or hardware that is at the end of its product life cycle
  • EQ
  • ETA
    Estimated time of arrival, later (especially on blogs), Edited To Add-


  • FAQ
    Frequently Asked Question(s)
  • FFS
    For fuck's sake, or
    Fat Finger Syndrome(used to explain that one cannot type correctly)
  • Flamer
    Someone who makes inflammatory, abusive or directly offensive comments. Similar to, but not quite the same as an Internet troll
    From My Cold Dead Hands
    Fuck off 'n'/and die
  • FOAF
    Friend of a friend
  • FP
    First Post
  • FTL
    For the lose / loss
  • FTW
    For the win / fuck the world
  • FU
    Fuck you
    Fucked up beyond all recognition / repair
  • FUD
    Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (the purposeful spread of misinformation)
  • FWIW
    For what it's worth
  • FYI
    For your information


  • GBCW
    Goodbye Cruel World
    a dramatic leave taking of a forum or site
  • GBTW
    Get back to work
  • GF
    Great/good fight; or girlfriend
    Grinning from ear to ear
  • GFY
    Good for you
  • GG
    Good game, used at or near the conclusion of a gaming match, also used to describe a game that is very one sided and therefore considered already over
  • GGF
    Go Get Fucked
  • GIYF
    Google is your friend
  • GL
    Good luck, often used at beginning of a contest
  • GLHF
    Good luck and have fun
  • GJ
    Good job
  • GMTA
    Great minds think alike
  • Godwin's Law
    Dictates that the longer a thread, the more likely someone will post a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler
  • Gratz
  • GTH
    Go to hell
  • GTFO
    Get the fuck out OR Get the fuck off
  • GTG or G2G
    'Got to go' or 'Good to go'
  • GR
    Gateway Router
  • GR8


  • HAND
    Have A Nice Day
  • Handle
    Name used in online chat, (AKA nick(name), alias, screen/user name)
  • HF
    Have fun/High-five
  • Haxor or H4x0r (1337)
  • Hit
    A request made to the web server, (noun) the results of an internet search, (verb) loading a Web page. Hits are not equivalent to visitors of a webpage.
  • Home page
    The website's introduction page, starting point, and guide. The technical term is "index"
  • Hot list
    A collection of publicly available URLs (World Wide Web site addresses), sometimes available as text files.
  • HTH
    Hope this / that helps, or happy to help
  • H8


    I am not a lawyer
    I agree with that/this comment
  • IBTL
    In before the lock
  • IDC
    I don't care
    I don't give a fuck
  • IDK
    I don't know
  • IHY
    I hate you
  • IINM
    If I'm not mistaken
  • IIRC
    If I recall / remember correctly
  • IIUC
    If I understand correctly
  • ILY
    I love you
    In my (humble / honest / not so humble / arrogant) opinion
  • Information superhighway
    The Internet (AKA: I-way, infobahn)
  • IONO
    I don't know
  • IOW
    In other words
  • IRC
    Internet Relay Chat
  • IRL
    In real life
  • ISTR
    I Seem To Recall
  • ITYM
    I Think You Mean
  • IWSN
    I want sex now
    If you know what I mean


  • Jaggy
    Aliased computer graphics
  • JAS
    Just a second
  • JIC'
    Just in case
  • JFGI
    Just Fucking/Freaking Google It
  • JK or j/k
    Just kidding, or joke
  • JSYK
    Just so you know
  • JFTR
    Just for the records
  • JOOC
    Just out of curiosity
  • JW
    Just wondering
  • JFK
    Just Fucking Kidding


  • k or kk
  • KIR
    Keeping it real.
  • KISS
    Keep it simple stupid.
  • KIT
    Keep in touch.
  • KMA
    Kiss my ass
  • KOS
    Kill on sight
  • KOTC/L
    Kiss on the cheek/lips.
  • KS(ing)
  • KTHX
    OK, thanks
    OK, thanks, goodbye, used either to cut short a conversation or to express displeasure with being cut short
  • KWIM
    Know what I mean?


  • L2P
    Learn to play; an admonishment to new or incompetent video game players.
  • L8R
    Later (sometimes abbreviated to L8ER); is commonly used in chat rooms and other text based communications as a way of saying good bye.
  • Lag
    Slang term for slow Internet speeds or high Internet latency; Lag is sometimes due to a server problem, but more frequently due to the connection between client and server. A slow or intermittent connection may often be referred to as laggy
  • Lamer
    A know-nothing, one who is lame.
  • Leet
    Often spelled as l33t or 1337 in ASCII form. It originally meant elite
  • LFG
    Looking for group
  • LFM
    Looking for more
    Laughing my ass off, laughing my fucking ass off, laughing my mother fucking ass off
    Let's meet in real life.
  • LMK
    Let me know
  • LOL
    Laughing out loud, laugh out loud. Occasionally: lots of love, lots of luck
  • LOTI
    Laughing on the inside
  • LTNS
    Long time no see
  • Lulz
    A corruption of LOL, which stands for laugh out loud.
  • Lurker
    Someone who frequents a Usenet group without participating in discussions
  • Luser
    Loser + user; an annoying user from the perspective of tech support or a system administrator; also spelled luzer or luzzer.
    Love you like a brother
    Love you like a sister


    Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game
    Massive Multi-player Online First Person Shooter
  • MOO
    MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) Object Orientated
  • MOTD
    Message of the day
  • MS
    May The Force be with you
  • MUD
    Multi-User Dungeon
  • MUSH
    Multi-User Shared Hallucination
  • MYOB
    Mind your own business
  • M8


  • N2M
    Not(hing) too much
  • N2B
    Not too bad
  • NE1
  • Newbie, noob, or n00b
    An inexperienced user of a system or game, or an annoying person.
  • NFW
    No fucking way
  • NM
    (Sometimes written N/M) Not much, Never mind or no message, used on message boards or in e-mails to indicate that everything is already said in the subject line.
  • NN
    Night night. Used as an alternative for "good night"
  • NP
    No problem
  • NSFW
    Not safe for work. Warning about content that may get the viewer in trouble with his employer or co-workers.
  • NTY
    No, Thank You
  • NVM, NVMD, or nm
    Nevermind, not much


  • O RLY
    Oh really?
  • OH OK
    A sarcastic okay
  • OIC
    Oh, I see
  • OFN
    Old fucking news
  • OMG
    Oh, my God
  • OMFG
    Oh, my fucking God
    Oh my God, What the Fuck, Barbecue
  • OMW
    On my way or Oh my word
  • OOC
    Out Of Character / Out Of Combat
  • OP
    Original poster / Operator / Outpost
  • OS
    Operating system
  • OT
    Off topic
  • OTOH
    On the other hand
  • OTP
    On the phone or One true pairing


  • P2P
    Peer to peer, or pay to play
  • P911
    Parent emergency (watch what you type)
  • PAW
    Parents are watching
    Problem exists between keyboard and chair
  • Ping
    From the popular network monitoring tool, used as a greeting similar to "Are you there?".
  • PITA
    Pain in the arse / ass
  • PLMK
    Please let me know
  • plz or pls
  • PM
    Personal message or private message
  • PMJI
    Pardon my jumping in
  • PMSL
    Pissing My Self Laughing
  • ::POOF::
    Goodbye (leaving the room)
  • POS
    Piece of shit, parent over shoulder, packet over SONet, or Point of Sale.
  • POTS
    Plain old telephone service
  • POV
    Point of view
  • PPL
  • PST
    Please send tell
    Punch the Keys For God's Sake
  • pr0n
    Intentional misspelling of porn
  • PW
    Persistent World (gaming)
  • pwned or pwnd


  • QFA
    Quoted for accuracy. Similar to QFT
  • QFT
    Quoted for truth, Quit fucking talking
  • QT


  • Rehi (or merely re)
    Hello again
  • RL
    Real Life
  • Rly
    Really (See also: O rly) />
  • RO(T)FL
    Rolling on (the) floor laughing
    Rolling on (the) floor laughing my ass off
    Rolling on (the) floor laughing out loud
  • RSN
    Real soon now (often used sarcastically)
  • RTA
    Read The Article
  • RTFB
    Read the fucking binary (or book)
  • RTFQ
    Read the fucking/fabulous (polite)/freaking (polite) question
  • RTFS
    Read the fucking source
    Read the (fucking) manual
  • RYC
    Regarding your comment


  • S2R
    Send to Receive (Used in online chat to request self-pictures)
  • SCNR
    Sorry, could not resist
  • SifAs if
  • Sim
  • sk8/sk8r
  • Smiley
    Another name for emoticons
  • SMH
    Shaking my head
    Situation normal: all (fucked/fouled) up
  • Snail mail
    Normal paper mail service
  • SOL
    Shit Outta Luck
  • Spider
    The program behind a search engine
    Stop Posting You Filthy Noob, generally the same meaning as GTFO
  • Sry
  • STFU
    Shut the fuck up
  • STFW
    Search the fucking web
  • Soz
  • SU
    Shut up
  • SWIM
    Someone Who Isn't Me
  • SYM
    Shut your mouth
    Spare me your life story


  • T4P
    Tell for people
    There ain't no such thing as a free lunch, from Robert A. Heinlein's novel The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
  • TBF
    Time between failures
    To be (quite) honest
  • TFTC
    Thanks for the Cache, a Geocaching term
  • TG
    That's great
  • TGIF
    Thank God it's Friday
  • TH(N)X, TNX or TX
  • TIA
    Thanks in advance
  • TINC
    There Is No Cabal, a term discouraging conspiracy theories
    This is so not fair
  • TL;DR
    Too Long; Didn't Read, an admonishment that a post is too lengthy or lacks worthwhile content
  • TMI
    Too much information
  • TOS
    Terms of service
    To the best of my knowledge
  • TTFN
    Ta ta for now
  • TTT
    To the top, used in forums to bump a thread
  • TTTH
    Talk to the hand
  • TTYL
    Talk to you later (also spelled TTUL, T2UL or T2YL)
  • TTYS
    Talk to you soon
    To Tell You The Truth
  • Tweedler
    One who has deep love for all computer related technology and gadgets
    To Whom It May Concern
  • TY or Thx
    Thank you
  • TYT
    Take your time
  • TYVM
    Thank you very much
  • TPW
    Top Post Whore


  • U, Ur
    You, your, you're
    Use the fucking search engine


  • VB(SE)G
    Very big (shit-eating) grin.
  • VEG/S
    Very evil grin/smile.
  • Vlog
    Video blog
  • VWG/S
    Very wicked grin/smile.


  • w00t, w00T or WOOT
    First two express exuberance, and the last is a backronym for the term "We Own the Other Team".
  • W/ or W/O
    With or without
  • WB
    Welcome back
  • WBU
    What 'Bout (about) You
  • WD
    Well Done
  • W/E
  • WoW
    World of Warcraft
  • WP
    Well Played
  • WRT
    With respect / regard to
  • WRUD
    What are you doing?
  • WTB
    Want to buy
  • WTF
    What the fuck
  • WTG
    Way to go
  • WTH
    What the hell, What the heck
  • WTS
    Want to sell
    When The Shit Hits The Fan
  • WTT
    Want to trade
  • WUG
    What you got?
  • WUBU2
    What (have) you been up to?
  • WUU2
    What (are) you up to?
  • WUW
    What you want?
  • WWJD
    What would Jesus do?
    What you see is what you get
  • W8


  • Y
  • YA RLY
    Yeah Really (invariably preceded by "O RLY")
  • YHBT
    You have been trolled.
  • YHL
    You have lost
  • YKW
    You know what?
  • YMMV
    Your mileage may vary.
  • YT
    You there?
    You're The Man Now, Dog
  • YW
    You're welcome.
  • YOYO
    You're On Your Own.
    You own your own words.


  • ZOMG (sometimes OMGZ)
    A variation of OMG (Oh my Gosh/God) used to indicate extreme excitement

ok,abes dah... harap² dgn bantuan nie, kowang x de lah tercengang² bile chat ngan kwan kowang ke, ank buah kowang ke, murid kowang ke.. hehe... salam.

p/s:nenek Aind masuk dalam wad ICU.. doa²kan dia selamat n panjang umur ye... tnx...


Tanpa Nama berkata…
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period. Some as well as components of the Nikon D700 are these:.
I love taking pictures of insects and flowers in ways that most people miss.

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