Staying Up

Hello people.

Its 3.46am India time. Im still up. But not fully awake. Huhu sleepy gila. Sumpah la. I'm in the middle of studying session.

Actually we are in the midst of model exam (last internal exam before final). And my sleeping schedule is currently miserable. But i aint complaining yknow. Saya tak cukup berkorban lagi macam rakan2 lain yang tak tido langsung the whole night sampai lah dah jawab paper.

That level of motivation and dedication! Omg you guys imagine, its crazy here. 
Hm so, chief minister at our place passed away this evening and our college declare that tomorrow is a holiday.

So ive been wasting my day, being distracted, watching Greys anatomy. Just you know, taking a break from exam (literally). Now that i got the realization, i try to cover back the time i wasted.

Fuhh its hard. I wonder how these kids manage to stay up all night.  And im currently studying while listening to music! Just like SPM days.

God knows how much I miss those times. The motivated unstoppable me.

I'm getting there. I'm working on myself. To be better.. to the best version of me. 

Soon, ill be there. 

In shaa allah. 

Huhu back to studying. Bye😚


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