A gift


Its 2.55 pm and it is 1 day left to final!! 
You know what, it is really a funny story.

Start semalam I already put 200% focus because I thought I only have like 2 days to final. I study my ass off and cover the whole neuro portion.

At 2 pm i was like when will all these neuro portion finish? Theres less than 24 hours to final and I havent start gross, histo and embryo portion yet 😭😭

Pastu takpela, i study je la slow2. Then borak2 dengan masshara, sambil susun barang2 hall ticket n all. Prepare name tag untuk pakai masuk hall bagai. Pastu time tu aku cakap kat mai, letak je la terus name tag ni kat white coat. Esok senang. 

Then mai reply " eh bukan esok tau. Esok punya esok. " time tu sumpah aku rasa ; lawak apa kaj buat ni mai,tak kelakar doh. Pastu dia sambung, harini khamis tau. Esok jumaat. Exam kita sabtu.

And that is when i look at my laptop n noticed yes! Today is 30th August! My exam is on 1st Septemberrrr. Not 31st August. Dammmmmmmmnn. What a fool I am. 💆

So basically thats it. The cons is I strained myself too hard. And got myself nervous for no true reason. I cant sleep last night thinking I still have lots to read. 

The pros is, I'm already in the exam mood. The read n remember mood. Thank god.

Pls pls pls for me guys. 😭

This is really my last ditch stand.  


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