18 days to final

Hello guys. 

Im back again 😎 its freaking 18 days to final. Gosh *sweating nervously* today i have physio practical that went horribly. 1st its due to the fact that I'm not prepared enough for it. 

I sleep a lot the day before. I only cover all the experiments i might get. And read few subtopic for Theory ViVa. Demson. Memang datang praktikal tadi rasa macam tengah gali kubur sendiri.

I like physiology. But i think in exam pov its one of the thing that i have difficulty to score. And this include anatomy too. Lots of picture to draw & memorization too!

I have to work more on these 2. But first i need to complete this model exam first. Tomorrow ihave molecular medicine VIVA. 

I need to make a great impression. Study my ass off. And put 200% of my effort in this.

I want to do my best.

And i wil..


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