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Jumaat, 18 Ogos 2017

Dont know if I'm the problem or..... words are really that hurtful. Tired of keeping everything inside. Haha because letting it out might hurt others.. And that's fcking selfish. 

I am easily irritated by human stupid action and careless words. Somehow I wish I can detach myself from all these problems and never bother about anyone else but me. Just me, myself and I.

Gonna figure out what I can do. One of 'em is definitely deactivating all socmeds again. Need to take a break from all the drama. Next maybe just let it be. Why I need to bother if someone want to keep hurting themselves?? If someone blame me for their unhappiness?? Just let em be... after all happiness is a choice. You cant dwell on a problem, and blame others when you're sad or unhappy about it. 

Just. Dont. Give. A. Fuck. 

Its their problem. Its their life. I have mine. And why is that other people's living style need to bother me. lol. I will keep doing my things. And you do yours okay? I am trying to be as zenn as possible. And try not to sweat over small stuffs. ((And everything is actually small stuffs))

I'm moving on. And if u want to stay there, be childish & keep playing victim, just go on. 

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