Dont know if I'm the problem or..... words are really that hurtful. Tired of keeping everything inside. Haha because letting it out might hurt others.. And that's fcking selfish. 

I am easily irritated by human stupid action and careless words. Somehow I wish I can detach myself from all these problems and never bother about anyone else but me. Just me, myself and I.

Gonna figure out what I can do. One of 'em is definitely deactivating all socmeds again. Need to take a break from all the drama. Next maybe just let it be. Why I need to bother if someone want to keep hurting themselves?? If someone blame me for their unhappiness?? Just let em be... after all happiness is a choice. You cant dwell on a problem, and blame others when you're sad or unhappy about it. 

Just. Dont. Give. A. Fuck. 

Its their problem. Its their life. I have mine. And why is that other people's living style need to bother me. lol. I will keep doing my things. And you do yours okay? I am trying to be as zenn as possible. And try not to sweat over small stuffs. ((And everything is actually small stuffs))

I'm moving on. And if u want to stay there, be childish & keep playing victim, just go on. 


ASTraveller berkata…
Salam singgah sini dan follow :)

btw jom join GA saya


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