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Jumaat, 23 Jun 2017
Home- day 2

Assalammualaikum. (=

Lama gila tak update this blog from laptop. Biasanya update through email from mobile je. Rasa kekok pun ya jugak. Morever the fact that I'm currently typing using turqoise silicon keyboard. My laptop's keyboard is broken guys. and tak hantar kedai sebab ayah macam malas nak layan huhu.

So today kinda okay. shopping with maknani and pakcik. buy all the stuff that I want to bring back to Bangalore.. Done packing. bought raya shoes and clothes :) nasi ayam, nasi briani for iftar. Ondeh ondeh,puteri ayu, keria, kaya ball and karipap sardin as side dishes. Nothing much,everything went well.

at least, so far. lol

Much Love,
 Ain Nadzri

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