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Isnin, 8 Mei 2017

Its 11.30a.m. Monday. And I'm not going to college because.... I wake up late 👳
So yeah hye people. The title says it all. Ive been in not so great state of mind lately. 

I'm overthinking things. Small things. I got flashback of memories and things that I hate, and try to forget. I'm finding myself quiet most of the time because.. honestly my mind is so loud. 

Its so frustrating as it affects my life. I know i should be studying (3rd internal exam is 2 weeks away) but... i cant stop thinking. I need to find a solution to this.

This room. My current room is filled with vibes that i dont recognize. What should i do people. Confront the problem? I did. I tried although i feel super stupid afterward. 

They said happiness comes within, not from surrounding. Maybe thats it. Maybe i should back to basic. Maybe i need to find what is happiness to me. Maybe i should stop putting my happiness in temporary things. 

See readers, im talking nonsense. My mind is so packed with thoughts that i dont even know how to arrange my words. 

Why bother updating when you cant express and explain what you really feel? Am really sorry. It just that maybe.. i want to be heard. 

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