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Ahad, 26 Mac 2017
Wish you hell

I hope someday you will find a girl,
sweet beautiful and amazing
Just like how i used to think you are.

I hope she makes you fall in love,
Deeper; day by day.

I hope with her, you feel like
a whole as she complete half of you

I hope her action makes you believe
That she's the one made for you
Since heaven.


I also wish that 
she would not feel the same
That all the beautiful feelings 
in your chest 
Are wrong
And just not supposed to be there

I wish she admit her fault
Just like how you did
She would be sorry for making you feel special
As if both of you are more than just a friend

I hope she said 
what you guys have been through
Was nothing

And both of you are just
too young 
too carried away
too overwhelm
by the feelings
that aren't supposed to be there.

I wish you taste how bitter
your own medicine is
I couldn't help but
wishing you hell.


((From that point of my life, i knew you are just not right for me. And indeed i sympathize the girl that will marry you. Whoever she is, may god bless her soul. ouh and you asked me to write a poem about you right? here you go. hope you love it))

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