Falling and fearing

The moment
I feel empty
Without your messages
And jokes
Are the moment
I notice that I'm so close 
To fall
In that crazy little thing
Called love

The minute 
I get my heart 
Ache; burning with jealousy
Everytime your name
Slipped from other girls' mouth
Are the realization
That I want you
To be mine
And only mine.

The day 
I didnt see any updates 
From you
Or about you
I'm secretly praying to God
That you are doing grant;
Your day is fantastic
Just like how you are

And somehow i managed
To knock 
some sense in me
That maybe
Just maybe...
I want you to be fine forever
And taking care of you 
Is the best duty
I could have.

** i'm falling for you and I dont think it's right. Afraid that im falling too hard. Too fast. And the most important thing, im afraid to be the only one who's falling.


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