A confession: Blocking and being blocked

Assalammualaikum. (=

Harini nak tulis pengakuan aka confession. Alright, truth is.... none of my current batchmate is connected with me through twitter. Current batchmates here are reffered to my colleagues. Not high school batchmate or past university classmates. Reasons? well... hm twitter and this blog are actually a platform for me to express my self. My true feelings and messy thoughts. So, I am not really comfortable with the fact that people around me, that I see everyday, get to see my inner self. nawhh. 

Let's not. Let's know me in person. Ask me what my thoughts are, instead of stalking me or read my tweets just to know me better. That's not cool. Okay? Befriend with me. Have a conversation. I prefer it to be that way. But once we're going in different lanes, do not get to see each other often, then maybe... I will follow you, and let you follow me. Deal?

Blocking and being blocked? Have I experienced those? Yes! of course. Blocking those who has been following me. I'm sorry. really. It's not your fault. It just me. I get insecure with the facts you know me 'more' compared to our batchmates. I don't want that, and believe me, you wouldn't want to know either. Have I been blocked? Yes. HAHAHA and it feels horrible to figure it out. LOL maybe some of you guys might think "KARMA B**CH". Well maybe..... hehe. hmm it does feel sucks. Morever, if the people that blocked you never has any problem with you before. 

But then to think of it, maybe the person is exactly like me. Uncomfortable with the fact I'm able to see their life in closer perspective. All in all, privacy is freedom. So dear, don't get offended. There must be strong reasons behind it. And its not your fault that they're insecure with your presence. believe me. 

Hehe so, have you guys, beloved blogger experienced this before? Blocking or blocked?? Why? Tell me in the comment sections below. te heee:D

Much Love, 
 Ain Nadzri


i / i berkata…
Omg I'm happy you answered to this!

Lol same here, I don't like it when my twitter and blog are no longer the medium I can use to run away from certain people in real life. But for me getting blocked by people is something petty. I don't actually mind if people did that to any of my accounts, because I personally think if I can give something beneficial then I'm doing it for myself first, not others. Well, growing up, I learn how to give people some space and time to think what they really want for me to show. Sometimes people dislike us for the things they hate to see so hahaha chill :)

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