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Ahad, 17 April 2016

Assalammualaikum. (=

Urgh. The urge to write when I'm stress. Lately rasa rajin gila nak tulis entry. Pasaipa? Hmmmmmm sebab dengan manusia kena ignore kot. Tetiba takde tempat nak luah rasa. :(

I'm such a sad person. Yes I am. You may see me as a cheerful-always-happy person. But if you look carefully and closely, you will notice how unhappy I am. The emotions problem I faced is real doh. Its bothering..

You wanna know how it feels to have this kind of illness? It's like you have a switch in your mind, heart or body... The switch is responsible of what you feel.  So, this switch can be turn off at any time. When it does, you will feel sad, hopeless and depressed. You feel like you're useless and everything you do is an irreversible mistake. You feel bad for yourself and you just simply drown in the darkness.

Oh maybe some of you might be thinking,  why don't you just turn on the switch back? Well........ its not that simple. It will be turned on back, but it depends. idk why. I'm still figuring out how and why. people says that happiness is a choice, not the result. Then what if I choose to be happy but the sadness in me restrict the happiness that I should feel??

Oh Lord. Pls give me strength to face all if this. I always feel this way. Its clearly not something that I'm not used to. But every time I'm in this situation, it never feels good.

...and it's never will.

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