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Khamis, 14 April 2016

Assalammualaikum. (=

T_T I feel terrible. What a week! haihhhhhhhhh dugaannya. Complicated gak eh jadi tulang berhati halus berbalutkan kulit ni. Lagi lagi suka gunakan otak Allah bagi tu untuk terlebih fikir - overthink. People might wonder what I've been through yang buat sampai mental breakdown gini. A lot. Seriously, you don't wanna know.

But I donno. Feel like writing an advice for my future self or anyone who is in the same boat with me right now. Dude, exactly! I know how you feel. So macamni la. Stop. Take a deep breath. Don't think. Relax. Sabar jap ye. Ni hidup. Mesti lah ada naik turunnya sayang. Even dugaan sebesar mana pun, cuba untuk kuat. Kau percaya Allah takkan menguji hambaNya melebihi kemampuan mereka.So, why worry so much? Macam mustahil kan nak get over this kind of problem? but believe me. You will.. Yes you will. And bila kau dah lepas dari sume benda ni, kau akan toleh balik dan perasan, betapa bertuahnya kau. Waktu tu kau nampak hikmah2 masalah yang Allah bagi kat kau. Okay?

Be strong for yourself babe. No one can help you except Him, and yourself. So bangun. jangan jatuh lama lama. And try not to take life too seriously. No one able to escape life, alive anyway. You know what i mean? Cuba duduk kat situ. Tengok tingkap, pandang langit, tengok betapa besarnya universe dan galaksi yang Allah ciptakan. Kau? dan masalah kau? semua tu kecik je sebenarnya. It's consider insignificant compared to all of this life in front of you. Be happy babe. tough time wont last.

Tomorrow sun will rise again and its a brand new day. Forget about diz. It wont matter in the following couple of years... or even month! So why bother too much darling?
Stay strong okay! I'm rooting for you!

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