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Rabu, 21 September 2011
Contest Blogger Simple Gorgeous

Assalammualaikum. (=
Join  contest lagi. hahaha. Dalam mood. biasa leteww. jom tengok. 

Rules :
  • Blogger GIRLS && BOYS are allowed
  • Malaysian and must have a blog [ WAJIB ]
  • Make an entry then copy the banner and tag 2 blogger 
  • Then , PUBLISH . Comment terus ke entry INI
  • Contest ini takpakai VOTING

Senarai sponser :
  • Han Hanan
  • Syera Heenim
  • Nazihah Anuar
  • Anis Anysa
  • Nurulz Sabeeha
  • Scha Dayanti
  • Wafa Aznan
  • Muazz Adli Mustapa
  • Mai Ha
  • Nana Kementot
  • Maryam Insyirah
  • Noor Cahaya
  • Nazuha Firdaus
  • Ienaz Alia 
  • Faqihah Husni 
  • Izyan Nazirah
  • Syiqin Marcella
  • Atirah Rosmi
  • Putry Iylianisha
  • Fatin Nursyahira

 wich me luck!

Much Love, 
Ain Nadzri


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