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Sabtu, 6 Ogos 2011
Sambung 10 days Challenge.


huh, sudah lame Ain tinggalkan 10 days challenge nikan? Ain baru buat Day 1~ haiih.:face13: pebende bende yang kene tulis lagi pun Ain dah lupe. terpaksa lah Ain menyelongkar almari entry Ain yang sebelum2 ni. Nasib baik jumpa. heee:face39:

Day 1 - 10 things about YOU
Day 2 - 10 things you LOVE
Day 3 - 10 things you HATE
Day 4 - 10 things you want to say to a PERSON
Day 5 - 10 WISHES
Day 6 - 10 ITEMS you can't live without
Day 7 - 10 important PEOPLE
Day 8 - 10 of your favourite SONGS
Day 9 - 10 ways to win your HEART
Day 10 - 10 final WORDS
ok, Ain akan habiskan challenge ni! Insya'allah!

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