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Ahad, 3 Julai 2011
I feel BAD

Assalamualaikum (=

*fake smile*hello sunshine! Yeah, Aind rase teruk gila sekarang.
Because, tekak Aind sakit. Ditambah lagi dengan tahap kebosanan
maximum, pergghh, terasa bertambah pedih tekak ni!

Nak guna lappy pun x dapat. Gosh, rase macam nak menjerit sekuat-kuat
hati!!!! rase nak menangis pun ada jugak. Teringat pulak sekolah esok
kan. Grrrr, I HATE MONDAY!

Someone, please take me out from this house! Pfffft. My emotion are
mixing like Rojak! Ouh, i hate Rojak. :(( someone, cheer me up?
Please... This my number 0142222222 . LOL, just kidding. That's not
my number.
Try ar kol, tapi kalau org India angkat,Aind x tahu ea.

yeah i know, entry ni macam seng*l. just nak hilangkan kebosanan.
Btw, congrats n thank you, for wasting 5 minutes that u never get back
because reading my entry.! Love y'all.


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