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Sabtu, 25 Jun 2011
Tutorial: Letak Button Facebook Like di Blog

Assalammualaikum. (=
Hari ni, Aind baik hati nak share tutorial ngan korang. hehe. Korang selalu x nampak ada button like kat bawah n3 Aind? korang nak wat camtu x? so, ikut cara2 nie..

1. dashboard ==> layout ==> Edit HTML ==> tick Expand Widget Templates
2.Korang TEKAN CTRL + F n cari perkataan:


3.Lepastu, korang pasekan code nie under data:post.body

<iframe allowTransparency='true' expr:src='"http://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=" + data:post.url + "&layout=standard&show-faces=true&width=530&height=60&action=like&colorscheme=light"' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' style='border:none; overflow:hidden; width:530px; height:60px'/>
$. Siap! :D preview dulu. klau x jadi karang, x delah nangis 234 minit. hehe.


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