Day 2-10 things I Love

Assalammualaikum. (=
ok, day 2. I dont want to crap too much. So, enjoy ur reading!

1-My Bear-present from Ibu
2-My Pink MP3-i bought it in 2008
3-My Pink Album-a lot of memory in there
4-Justin Bieber's collection-cd,book,poster
5-My Pen- I Got it when i was standard 6. It was Tokoh Pelajar Cemerlang present.
6-My pink C3
7-My Pink Camera
8-My pinky room
9-my bed

and, the one n only...

10-Ain-Pinkhouse! (forever-no doubt)

Almost all that i listed above are pink in calour.that because im Pinkaholic u know. LOL. Enjoy ur day.


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