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Jumaat, 28 Januari 2011
Hang Out with Them

salam...hohoho! i cant wait for tomorrow. for ur information, tomorrow Aind Biebs, will hanging out with GJJ.. yoooooooooooho!~ we are going to meet Ain MAisarah at kampung Buku, Ayer Keroh. Farhana's father /mother will take us there.ooooh~~~~ so excited rite now. i dont know what outfit that i should wear actualy.. im still puzzle.. like"ooh, maybe i can wear the blue blouse.hmmp, no,no,no.. the purple shirt is better.." tomorrow, me,erin,Ayu,Farhana,Miraman,Izzati,Iffa will cheer up together..(jealous please~!) i have not done my homework yet. maybe, i will finish it after this n3 .err, n3 is more important then homework..? >.< hehe, i think so. So, where did yall go this chinesse new year? my family is planning to go to Sungai congkak,Selangor. I have not go there for a long time..!so, that is it. Enough at this.buh-bye.

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