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Jumaat, 3 Disember 2010
this week!

salam...minggu nie byak perkare berlaku....hmm, Aind got a fever! perut nie asyik meragam je lorh! seksa giler..! dah telan panadol active fast berbijik2 pn x sehat lgy.(HIPERBOLA! actnye, mkan sebijik je.. 2 pn berdolakdalih..)hmm, ari 2, Aind hang out with family... tgok movie di MP.. Harry poTTer and the deathly hallows.. AInd x brape ikot sgat cite nie sbenarnye... so, blew tgok movie nie.., buat2 faham je lh... actnye x paham sgat pn..! bahaha...so, nothing 2 say!~
so, buh-bye!

p/s: welcome 2 Hannah..!

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