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Jumaat, 7 Mei 2010
Mia Sara Nasuha @ Amani

salam...sory lame x update blog.. Aind sebok lorh...... Actualy post kali nie aind nak cite pasal sowang budak yang comeyl sangat².. sape yang tengok sure geram dengan kecomelan dyetido... nie biodata dye... Mia Sara Nasuha @ Amani..

name: Mia Sara Nasuha bt Muhammad Ridhuan

birth date : 30 sept 2005

age: 4 years 9 months

occupation: kids model and actor

from/location: kota damansara

father's name: ridz

mother's name:fyda

her 1st appearance on tv: 2008

tv comercials: Bank Islam, Celcom, Sustagen, Nokia, Astro Beyond, TM, Soflan

dramas: Adamaya is her first drama.

erm.. nie pulak gambar dye...

ala².. tiut nye mia sara nasuha nie... gigit pipi ckit leh xmuah???

ni, sape pulak??? nie bukan Amani.. nie nur imani.. my lovely sisterlove.. umo dye bwu 4 taon...

ok, bgi sesape yang minat denan adik mia nie lah lah g sni ye...

kami peminat adik mia sara amani d facebook..


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